Tesco Tech Support0843 816 6256

Tesco Tech Support0843 816 6256


Need to call Tesco?

Contact Tesco0843 816 6256

Give the customer service team a ring on the helpline number listed above. All calls to this number will route to the official Tesco Customer Service Number via our call forwarding service. The Official Tesco Phone Number May be found in the public domain.

You can return faulty or change of mind goods to the delivery driver at the point of delivery or to Store within 30 days of purchase, or call Tesco on0843 816 6256 for all enquiries.

Tesco Clubcard info, If you move house and forget to tell Tesco your new address, they will continue to send your statement to your old address, which means you won’t receive any vouchers you have collected. To update your details simply dial0843 816 6256 where the helpline staff will be more than happy to help.

Tesco Tech Support0843 816 6256

Tesco shoppers always pick the freshest produce with the longest sell-by dates, carefully selecting fruit and vegetables, as if they were shopping for themselves. They ask themselves ‘would I buy it?’ so they always send you groceries of the very highest quality.You can also request specific substitutions, or write instructions to your picker.

General Info: Tesco employs over 295,000 staff in the UK in over 3,380 stores. The brand began in 1919 as a grocery stall in the East End of London run by Jack Cohen. They have now grown and expanded throughout the 20th century, becoming listed on the London Stock Exchange as part of the FTSE 10 index.


Tesco Tech Support0843 816 6256

If you want to get in touch with Tesco simply dial0843 816 6256 , all calls to this number will divert to the official Tesco helpline number.

If you want to get in touch with Tesco, you can phone Tesco customer relations on the customer service number listed above. Please note this is not the official Tesco phone number, all calls to our number will divert to Tesco via our call forwarding service. The official number may be found in the public domain. 

Telephone Number For Tesco Mobile

Need To Call Tesco? Dial
Tesco Tech Support 0870 025 0384
Tesco Mobile Phone Number, Contact Tesco On 0870 025 0384
Tesco Complaints Phone Number 0870 025 0384

Why Do Customers Call Tesco?

  • To make a complaint about the service at a Tesco branch
  • To make a complaint about products
  • To get help with purchased products
  • Help or support about refunds 
  • Sunday hours at Tesco
  • Delivery updates from the Tesco delivery team
  • Tesco Clubcard info
  • Deliveries
  • Tesco Tech Support
  • Tesco opening times
  • Payment and checkout
  • Returns and refunds
  • Tesco Clubcard, vouchers and eCoupons
  • Your account
  • Technical help using the website
  • Tesco Tech Support

You can also call the Tesco customer service team for advice on:

  • Booking a delivery slot; finding out about special offers at Tesco
  • Orders and deliveries, tracking your order, missing items from your order, adding to or amending your order from your local store
  • Payment and checkout, how to checkout online, what cards are accepted, payment security
  • Returns and refunds at Tesco, how to cancel,  returning a faulty, damaged or poor quality item and how to receiving a refund
  • Tesco Clubcard, vouchers and eCoupons, what to do if you forgot to use your Clubcard, using your Clubcard or vouchers at Tesco
  • Technical help, problems registering your Clubcard; error messages when signing in to your account or even problems connecting to the website
  • Use the Tesco Grocery Contact Number listed below for more information.

Tesco Tech Support, call the helpline phone number listed on this page. 


Why Do Customers call the Tesco Mobile contact number?

  • To discuss your contract
  • To upgrade your mobile phone
  • To add a bolt on or data bundle to your account
  • To pay or dispute an outstanding phone bill
  • To get phone insurance
  • To make a complaint to Tesco Mobile

If you need to speak to the helpful customer service team over at Tesco mobile simply dial the contact number listed. All calls to this number will divert to the official contact number via our call forwarding service.

Tesco Tech Support0843 816 6256 . 


Tesco Complaints0843 816 6256

Complaint about the Tesco? call0843 816 6256 or you can write to the address listed below.

Write to Tesco Clubcard using the official postal address:

Tesco Clubcard,
DD2 9XU,

Tesco Extra store in Haverfordwest

Tesco Tech Support0843 816 6256

The customer service phone lines at Tesco are open for business from 8am-11pm Monday to Friday. On Saturday, they are available from 8am to 8pm. On Sundays, the customer service team work from 10am until 6pm. You could also live chat or use social media to interact with any one of their customer service agents over at Tesco.

The Tesco Clubcard, introduced in 1996, is their way of saying thank-you to all customers. 38 million Clubcard customers shopping in our 7,300 stores across the Group gave Tesco unrivalled insight into consumer habits, trends and preferences.

Tesco have strengthened the foundations of the UK business and we are now accelerating plans to deliver the most compelling offers for customers with sharper prices, improved quality, stronger ranges and better service across all stores.

Tesco Tech Support


0870 025 0384, Tesco Tech Support. 





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